Welcome to the Giovanni Melton Foundation! 


The Giovanni Melton Foundation's mission is to share the story of Giovanni across the nation. It is to provide connections for our citizens to their local organizations’ who  provide resources that advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. It is to share the story of the trauma and tragedy that happened to Giovanni to deter violence through awareness. 

The Giovanni story helps us gravitate toward processing and trying to make sense of experiences that adversely impact that LGBTQ+ community and students across the nation. No student or adult should ever have to encounter domestic violence or should be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. As you may already know in the United States 10 million people are impacted by domestic violence every year. Domestic violence impacts both hetrosexual and LGBTQ+ people across our country. When a child is discriminated against by their friends, family, and the public and domestic violence is an additional contributor, things become a life or death situation. In the story of Giovanni you will learn how Domestic Violence and Discrimination led to the end of his beautiful life. If you are LGBTQ+ you will be able to relate to his story. If you are not LGBTQ+, you will gain awareness of what happened to him so that you can better support your LGBTQ+ friends and family that you care so much about. That is why it is so important to share the Giovanni Story so that his mom can heal through telling the story and so that his story can help others.

Please support our foundation by making a donation of any size so that we can use that funding to share the Story of Giovanni Meleton. Let us share the secrets of domestic violence, that many people do not want us to share, together! Let us advocate and deter violence together. Your help is warm and appreciated.