The Giovanni Melton Foundation was started in August of 2019. It was started, yes the filing, as an official 501C3 Educational Non-Profit. It was difficult for Veronica to do the things she wanted to do because it was still so raw of losing her child. Although her son passed on 11.2.2017, it felt like it happened the night before. She knew that once she started 100% with the non-profit she would have to tell her story countless times about her fallen son at the hands of his biological father. To explain the homophobia that leads a father to end his own son's life. That is the tragedy that lead Veronica to want to form a non-profit to change people's hearts and educate families and communities that we ALL have a right to life, peace, free from violence no matter who we are. She believes that all mothers who have LGBTQ children are mothers who love them and want their children happy. She wants to thank Jamie Sprague Ballou her good friend who is herself a Transgender Reverand at her Church who assisted her in filing the paperwork for the 501C3 to get the nonprofit status. She met Rev. Jamie in 2019 and has loved her ever since. She has been pivotal in supporting Veronica during the years of waiting for a murder trial, attending court hearings, and also going with her and her congregation to meet with D.A. Stephen Wolfson who would not put Wendell Melton back in jail while he waited for a murder trial. Rev. Jamie also assisted Veronica in becoming active with various events for the community.

We would like to introduce Rio Antone as our Director of Education, Robert Taylor as Director of Entertainment, Chuck Stutz as our Professional Volunteer in events, Will Rucker as Board of Directors, Kevin Robinson as the Interim Vice President, BD Watkins and Onyx Keesha as our official Film Directors, and Veronica Melton as Founder and President of the Giovanni Melton Foundation.